About the Author

I’m Bob Ayton – a teacher and Science Department Chairman at Dunnellon High School in Marion County, Florida.

Many people here know me as being voted the 2007 Marion County Rookie Teacher of the Year as well as part of Ocala Magazine’s Top 40 influential people under 40 years old in 2008.  More recently I have been named as one of the top three science teachers in the state of Florida for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching – one of the most prestigious awards a science teacher can receive.  These awards are a testament to my students as well as highlights of my short life in teaching.

Before teaching, I had over 7 years of experience as both an Analytical Chemist and Laboratory Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry for an industry leading contract company, Pharmaceutical Management Research Services (PMRS).

I currently live in Ocala, FL with my beautiful bride of over 10 years named Debbie (extra points there!!!).  I have three awesome boys named Tanner (7), Tucker (5), and Timmy (2) – who are all the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.

I am passionate about 3 things – my Lord and Savior –  Jesus Christ, my family, and my teaching.  I thank God for giving me my gifts of leadership, public speaking, and teaching to influence others for the sake of the truth.   Everything I am passionate about are all of the grace of God and I glorify Him in everything.


2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Wow Mr. Ayton!!! Love your blog!

  2. Bobby, I just came across your baccalaureate speech and really liked it. It made me chuckle to see you with all the same old energy and it kind of reminded me of Coach. Looks like you are doing well. Shane

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