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Every time I am at a water park and I have to climb to the top of a water slide, I ask every kid, “If I drop a bowling ball and a tennis ball from this height, which would land first?”  99% of the time, the kid answers, “Bowling ball.”  And so I inevitably ask, “Why?” To which the kid always replies, “Because it is heavier.”

Isn’t it interesting, that this simple experiment in physics is so against our preconceived notions, but every kid regardless of culture, economic means, intelligence, county of origin, gender, or age could easily do this experiment.

To which I love Sir Isaac Newton in that he could look at God’s world differently and know that an object as heavy as a bowling ball (hard to find bowling alleys back in Newton’s day) would fall at the same rate as a father due to gravity.

So to all my fellow lovers of physics out there (and anyone else who sees the glory of God in science) enjoy the feather vs. the bowling ball.