PossimpibleInnovation, originality, relevant, possimpible (alright, that last one is made up) – these are all buzz words for Christianity that most churches, pastors, and evangelical movements are trying to accomplish.  The only problem with these buzz words are that they are diametrically opposed to what Jesus taught His disciples, what Paul taught Timothy, and what the Bible teaches.

Charles Spurgeon himself battled this mentality in his day:

What can you do, you children, playing with your little wooden swords – what can you do against men covered from head to foot with the steel mail of the habit of sin?…Teach your children more and more the pure Word of God!

And preachers, do not try to be original, but be content to take of the things of Christ and show them to the people – for that is what the Holy Spirit Himself does, and you will be wise to use His method and His sword.

No sinner around you will be saved except by the knowledge of the great truths contained in the Word of God.  No man will ever be brought to repentance, to faith, and to life in Christ, apart from the constant application of the truth through the Spirit.