Quick LinksThe Root of Idolatry – A great post by RC Sproul Jr. on The Son of God movie and its violation of the 2nd commandment.  He states:

In terms of soul winning strategies this is just the next great thing in a long line of failed next great things.

This movie, using a Western, soft, hipster-looking Jesus, is the next wave for evangelical, watered-down Christianity, promising “decisions” made for Christ and deeper emotional and religious experiences.  The problem is, that these “decisions” are largely short-lived and false and the emotional and religious experiences are man-made and counterfeit.  Both what the Bible clearly warns against and both at the root of idolatry.

He finishes this post by stating a clear truth about such films and fads:

The problem is that, for me anyway, I was lead right into the vicious heart of idolatry, which was cleverly disguised as a positive Christian experience.