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ditchIn the previous post, I demonstrated how a solid, healthy, Biblical church such as the one in Ephesus could easily fall into a ditch…the ditch of growing cold in their love for Jesus.  Many churches that are good at discernment, have solid theology, have godly men in leadership can and will tend to fall into the ditch of growing cold in their love for the Savior.  It is simply the ditch that we can so easily fall into.

So what do you do as a church and as a person if you fall into this ditch (or see yourself falling into this ditch).  The amazing thing is that our Lord in Revelation 2:5 gives us an exhortation to do two things – Remember and Repent.


Don’t remember the feeling, remember the knowledge that gave you the feeling.  Remember who you were and who you are today, and how much He loves you in spite of you.  If you just remember how bad you are you grow in despair and if you just remember how He loves you, you will grow blase and apathetic about His love for you – like you deserve it.  Remember who Jesus is and what He has done to save you.


Don’t sit around and wait for you to fall in love with Him again.  Break from it!  You will always find God very, very eager to meet you with His restoring grace, far more ready to forgive than you are to repent.

Friends, I urge you this week to remember and repent if you are in this place.  If you are growing cold in your love for Jesus, if you are in a difficult spot in your Christian walk, if you need to be restored once again as we always will.  He is far more ready to meet you with His beautiful grace than you think.