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decayThe final words that Paul has for the Ephesian church is “Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with incorruptible love.”

The Greek word that Paul uses for incorruptible is “aptharsia” which means to literally not break down or to not decay.  He is urging this healthy church to have a love that will not break down for the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the question before us is what would make a healthy church like that in Ephesus have their love break down for Jesus?

  • Elevate a man over Christ
  • Elevate our thoughts and clever insights over the Word of God
  • Being hearers of the Word and not doers
  • Entertain the goats instead of feeding the sheep
  • Forgetting what you have been saved from
  • Stop being amazed by grace
  • Having poor leadership in the church
  • Stop understanding who our identity is in
  • Being indifferent to sin and impurity in the church
  • Letting in false teachers and false doctrine.

The interesting thing is…these are all things that could corrupt one’s love for Christ, however, this is not what fell upon this church in Ephesus.  And if your church is healthy, expositing the Word of God, discerning of poor theology and false teachers, has strong and Godly leadership…you may still have a love for Christ that may be corrupted.  So how would it get corrupted?

thelongwinteIn Revelation 2 we find that they had forsaken their love for Christ.  Their love became corrupted.  Their love became decayed.  Their love became cold for Jesus.

See it’s all about Christ.  It’s not about nearly loving Christ.  It’s about fully loving Christ.

You can be doing all the right things, believe all the right things, and yet your heart grows cold for Jesus.

You may ask, how does a church get like that?  Well, a church gets like that when the people get like that.

And so I ask you – how is your relationship with Christ?  Are you consumed for His glory and His Word and His will and His pleasure?  Are you growing in your love for Christ?

Don’t let it be duty, don’t let this be dead doctrine, don’t let your exuberance for the savior dwindle, don’t let your joy decline, don’t let your passion weaken – love Christ.

Tomorrow I will write a post about “what to do when you fall into the ditch.”