Charles SpurgeonLet me caution you against a very common expression.  I hear converts continually told to give their hearts to Jesus.  It is quite correct, and I hope they will do so.  But your first concern must be not what you give to Jesus, but what Jesus gives to you!  You must take Him from Himself as a gift to you – then you will truly give your heart to Jesus.

The great destroyer of man is the will of man.  I do not believe that man’s free will has ever saved a soul, but man’s free will has been the ruin of multitudes…The human will is desperately set against God and is the great devourer and destroyer of thousands of good intentions and emotions which never come to anything permanent because the will is acting in opposition to that which is right and true.

We long to see the people saved; but in order to that, they must be born again – and this we cannot accomplish.  Change a stone into flesh? Try that at home with a piece of stone on your table before you attempt it with the hearts of men!