Assurance Road SignRead Philippians 3:12 – 4:1


  1. What does the honesty in verse 12 tell you about Paul’s battle with sin?  Is he done with it?  Is he content with it?  Is he satisfied with it?
  2. In the second part of verse 12, Paul uses the phrase “lay hold” which means to make one’s own possession.  What is the goal and purpose to which Paul is making his own possession?
  3. What does verse 13 say should be our reliance upon past deeds, achievements, sins, and failures?
  4. What is the goal of your life?  Does it match Paul’s goal in verse 14?
  5. If your citizenship is in heaven (verse 20), how does that encourage your assurance?
  6. In chapter 4 verse 1, Paul uses a military term given to soldiers to “stand firm in the Lord.”  How can you “stand firm” today?