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imagesCA32TCW2I hear it a lot –

  • “If we only had a movie star…then more people would be Christians.”
  • “If we only had football player in the NFL who was a Christian to look up to…then more people would easily get saved.”
  • “If we only had a Christian president…then Christianity would flourish.”
  • “If our pastor was more cool and relevant…then people would run to our church.”
  • “If our worship band just played louder and we had those cool spotlights…we could really see people saved.”

We often think in evangelical Christianity that if we had some more popular, successful, cool, relevant, big names then Christianity would be really appealing.  Then churches would grow, people would get saved, and America would change.

imagesCAAXBHX3If you don’t believe me…just look at how the Christian world treated Tim Tebow or look into how churches spend extreme amounts of cash on marketing and even “relevant” clothes for the pastor or how worship bands today look and play everything that the secular world looks like and plays like.  The underlying motive is that if the world likes us, then they will like what we believe.

The interesting thing is that the Bible says the complete opposite.  We don’t need a hero, we don’t need a success story, we don’t need popularity, we don’t need to be innovative and relevant, we don’t need to be cool, and we don’t need to be like the world.

batman1 Corinthians 1 states that “the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.”  The gospel is not enticing, it is not cool, it is not popular – it is foolishness and a stumbling block to the world.  Paul goes onto state that even though it is all of these things, we preach the gospel and we preach the cross.

He goes on in verse 26 to state that Christians are not wise, not mighty, and not noble.  We are not the heroes of the world.  God has not chosen the star football player for a reason, he has not chosen the president for a reason, he has not chosen the movie star for a reason, and he has not chosen the molecular biologist for a reason.  He chose the foolish people, weak people, base people, and despised people to proclaim His message.  Paul even says he chose the people “who are not” which means that in the world’s eyes we shouldn’t even exist.

We do our work, our preaching, our proclaiming not for success, not for fame, not for relevancy, not for coolness, not for a platform…but we do all for the glory of God while proclaiming the pure gospel.

So why does God not need heroes and stars and cool, relevant pastors with designer jeans?  Because He gets all the glory.

“So that no man may boast before God.”