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Assurance Road SignRead Romans 8


  1. In verse 1, Paul states that there is “now no condemnation.”  Reflect on what this means about your standing with God and also reflect on how Jesus has taken your debt while you have received his perfect life.
  2. Verse 5 states that we are to “set our minds” on the things of the Spirit.  In what ways can you practically apply that today in your walk with the Lord?
  3. Write down or underline in your Bible some of the promises that God declares of those who are “in Christ” in verses 12-17.  Promises such as “you will live” and “sons of God.”
  4. After reading verses 18-30 reflect on how you long to be with the Lord one day.  What do you hope for and long for about heaven?
  5. Verse 31 says that “If God is for us, who is against us?”  What this verse means in context is that since God’s perfect life is credited to your account, there is nothing to convict you of.  Many people take this verse out of context to mean if God is cheering you on and is all for you, then who else matters.  In what ways is the meaning of this verse deeper and grander in its context while truly helping strengthen your assurance?
  6. Write down a few verses and/or sentences on how this passage of Scripture helps to strengthen your assurance in your salvation.