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darwinDarwinian Evolution is a religion…it is a faith-system.  And that faith-system is based upon principles, or basic tenets of the faith.  They are as followed:

  1. Evolution is pure science, founded on reality.
  2. Evolution is rationality since it excludes the supernatural.
  3. Evolution is freedom since it excludes God and His restrictions on sexual immorality.
  4. Evolution is fair since every person is their own source of moral judgment.
  5. Evolution is ecumenical since you can believe in any God while believing in evolution.

evolutionNow those basic tenets demonstrate that it is truly a religion and a false religion at that.

  1. Evolution is not science.  True science is one that is retested, reproduced, and has a standard.  Darwinian evolution goes against true science, against the laws of thermodynamics and laws of conservation of matter and energy.  Darwinian evolution has no empirical, observation evidence to show a gaining of information or order through chance.  And therefore, it is not grounded upon reality but grounded upon imagination.
  2. Evolution is not rationality because it is irrational.  It is illogical.  A building has a builder, a painting has a painter, and a creation has a Creator.  A software system (DNA) has a software engineer,  nothing does not produce an ordered everything, and evolution goes against all rationality.
  3. Evolution is not freedom from God’s law because everyone will be held accountable for their thoughts, words, and deeds whether they believe in God or not.  This third tenet is the crux of the issue for the evolutionist because they love their sin and do not want to turn from their sin.
  4. Evolution is not fair because everyone is not their own source of their own moral judgment.  The evolutionist wants to be the god of their own universe and they want to write the rules, but there are moral absolutes written on the hearts of every person.  This fourth tenet primarily demonstrates the evolutionist’s pride.
  5. Evolution is not ecumenical because you cannot believe in the God of the Bible while believing in Darwinian evolution.  Darwinian evolution’s main role in the world is to eliminate the God of the Bible.  And Jesus is the only name by which a person can be saved and Christianity is exclusive in that aspect.

Darwinian evolution is a false belief system to which there is good news offered to.  The good news is that Jesus Christ, God Himself, came to this earth to die for all who would ever believe.  And God offers eternal life to the evolutionist if they repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ alone.