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Read James 1


  1. What does James mean in verse 2 by the word “trials?”
  2. James does not say in verse 2 that “If you encounter various trials…” he says “when.”  Therefore when you encounter various trials in your life, how is God growing you in your faith?
  3. In verse 6, when he talks about “doubting” he is meaning a determined mistrust in God, not a temporal doubt that you and I may have.  How can we trust God through what we ask him for in our prayers?
  4. How do verses 9-11 run contrary to today’s “health, wealth, and prosperity gospel” that we see today?
  5. How do verses 12-18 help to strengthen your assurance in your salvation?
  6. We do good things in gratitude of how merciful, kind, and loving He has been to save us not to earn favor with God (Romans 6:12-14).  And being “doers of the word” (verse 22) is fruit that we have been saved by such a great God.  In what ways practically can you be a doer of the Word today?