the gospelIf you prompt most professing Christians “What is the gospel?” they will probably say “The first four books in the New Testament” or you may get Christian clichés such as “ask Jesus into your heart” or “you need a relationship with Jesus.”  The problem is that those are not ‘The Gospel.’

So the big question is why do so many so-called Christians not know or have the ability to articulate the true gospel.  I believe it is primarily because it is not clearly articulated on Sunday by the pastor nor is there any direct questions posed to someone in a church to make sure they understand.

begging-the-questionWe live in a culture of “Don’t ask what people know because you may make them feel bad.”  The problem is with that thinking is that the person may not be saved or if they are saved, they will struggle with things like assurance, salvation, and sanctification.

What is the Gospel then?  In this video, Steve Lawson, pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church (and one of my favorite preachers to listen to) clearly articulates the gospel.  If you love the gospel, it is worth a watch.