Assurance Road SignRead 1 Peter 1


  1. Since Peter states that he is writing to Christians, look at the order of the Christian’s life that he details in verse 2.  What is the first thing that causes us to be saved?
  2. If He chose us according to the foreknowledge of God the Father and not by what we would do, what does this mean about our security of salvation?
  3. Again in verse 2, Peter says that we will be “sprinkled with His blood.”  This is a phrase based upon Moses’ sprinkling of sacrificial blood on the people of Israel as a symbol sealing their covenant.  What does this say then about God’s promises to you, the Christian?
  4. What does verse 4-5 say about our faith in Christ as well as our eternity?  Reflect on this.
  5. When reading through verses 6-9, why does God allow trials and trouble into a Christian’s life?
  6. According to verse 13, where does our focus be in order to give us assurance?
  7. Reflect on what Peter says in this chapter (and especially in verses 18-19) about how you were redeemed.