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big bang theoryYesterday, I gave the scientific problems with the Big Bang Theory and today I would like to show that the Big Bang Theory has major problems if you call yourself a Christian.  Many people who profess in their faith in Christ have not really thought through the implications of believing in the model that is the Big Bang Theory.

The Gospel

the gospelThis is the major difference and the crux of the issue when it comes to the belief in origins.  The Bible teaches very clearly that when God Created the world there was no death, no sin, no suffering, no disease, and it was all good.  Then when Adam sinned in the garden, death entered the world since the consequences of sin is death.  Man was responsible for death and suffering in the world and God was faithful to send the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, the Savior, the God-man to live a perfect life, die a substitutionary death on a cross for all who would believe, and raise to life again on the third day.  This is the gospel.

If you adhere to the Big Bang Theory then you believe that death and suffering and disease were always part of the world’s existence.  The Big Bang and billions of years has those things being a consequence which results in God being the creator of death and suffering and disease.  This is contrary to God’s nature and thus uproots the gospel itself by which we are saved.

Cause of the Universe

dominoesThe Bible teaches that God is the force of creation.  He is the unmoved mover of creation and He is the author and He is the cause.  There is no other.

The Big Bang Theory teaches that either there was a previous universe, there was nothing, or you can’t know what caused it all.  There was nothing and out of nothing created everything.


timeThe Bible clearly teaches a short time for the Earth and creation.  There is no getting around the Biblical teaching of six 24-hour days of creation except to bring outside presuppositions into the text and change it.  The text has qualifiers of evening, morning, number, and day which all result in a regular 24-hour day.

The Big Bang teaches billions of years.


out-of-orderThe Bible clearly teaches that the earth (Day 1) came before the Sun (Day 4), the Earth before the stars, the birds before the dinosaurs, the fruit-bearing trees before the fish.

The Big Bang teaches completely the opposite of the Bible.  It teaches the Sun came first, the stars before the Earth, the dinosaurs before the birds, the fish before the fruit-bearing trees.


Radius of the Earth PictureThe Bible clearly teaches the creation of the Earth by God, that it was first full of water and then the waters receded to show land.

The Big Bang Theory teaches that the Earth was a molten rock with no water and was pretty much an accidental formation of chance.

Living Things

image of godThe Bible teaches that all living things were created by God in the kind they are in, that speciation (micro-evolution) occurs to bring about things after their own kind, and that man was made in the image of God.

The Big Bang teaches that all life forms are a result of chance and macro-evolution which involves the going against all observational science in that living things were created out of nothing and then change into different kinds (Darwinian evolution) which has never been observed or tested while they gain information in their genetic code from a common ancestor that has never been shown before.  (1 Corinthians 1 is coming to mind as I type this)

the bottom line

Bottom Line

These are two different versions of history.  One is God’s Word and one is man’s word.  One is based on a historical and verifiable text that is corroborated by scientific evidence and one is man’s fallible interpretation of the scientific evidence that continues to change and be proven wrong.

You decide what you want to believe – I myself will put my trust in the Word of God.