6 Reasons Not to Abandon Expository PreachingQuick Links

In August 2012, I wrote a blog post about 5 Reasons to Preach Expositionally and I will probably in the near future write about some more reasons to preach in this manner (or consequence of not preaching in this manner).

Above is a link to a good and pithy article from the Gospel Coalition about 6 reasons to not abandon expository preaching in our churches.  In short these 6 reasons are:

  1. It is the method least likely to stray from Scripture.
  2. It teaches people how to read their Bibles.
  3. It gives confidence to the preacher and authorizes the sermon.
  4. It meets the need for relevance without letting the clamor for relevance dictate the message.
  5. It forces the preacher to handle the tough questions.
  6. It enables the preacher to expound systematically the whole counsel of God.