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Assurance Road SignI am currently doing a series at Community Bible Church of Ocala on Assurance. This group of blog posts will be a passage of Scripture and some questions that will help you dig deeper into assurance by using the truth of God’s Word.

Read Psalm 42


  1. What is the psalmist’s current state of his spiritual well-being as shown in verses 1-5?
  2. How does it help you to read that the psalmist is experiencing a severe divine drought in his life?
  3. Who is in charge of the waterfalls and oceans of trial that the psalmist seems to be drowning in (verse 7)?  What are your thoughts on this difficult truth?
  4. Read verse 8 as if the psalmist is getting a few gulps of divine “air” from his drowning in trials.  Reflect on what the psalmist says in this verse.
  5. What are we focusing on when we are controlled by our feelings and emotions and circumstances around us?
  6. What is the cure when you feel like you are in a drought or drowning in trials or thinking that your prayers are not being answered (verse 11 and Psalm 43)?