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Quick LinksThe Myth of ‘I’m Bad At Math’

Performance in areas such as Mathematics and Science is not a result of “I just don’t get it” or “I’m just bad at Math (or Science),” but a result of hard work.  As shown in the article and I can attest with almost a decade of teaching ‘average’ students in the areas of Advanced Placement Chemistry and Physics, the East Asian cultures are better in these areas due to their reliance on hard work over inborn talent.

For the most part, students in these cultures work harder and work longer.  When they are doing badly at something, they respond by working harder and longer at it.  And most importantly, persistence in the face of failure is a key to self-improvement whereas in our Western culture failure is resented and avoided.

The interesting thing is that this largely Eastern philosophy-driven culture has a greater grasp of the Biblical Christian values of hard work, persistence, and valuing the God-given gifts of learning than our supposed ‘Christian West.’  True Christians must understand what the Bible says about our work ethic and values with respect to all areas of knowledge that God has given us the ability to learn.