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At the end of each year of my blog I like to look back as well as look ahead to the next year.  This year in 2013 had big changes for me – I just completed my Master’s of Education degree in February which took up much of my time doing my 50-plus page dissertation.  I then took to preaching every 5 weeks (Community Bible Church) while teaching an in-depth Sunday School class at church.  My speaking and teaching workload at school through Advanced Placement Chemistry and Physics significantly increased as well.  All of these factors led to a significant decrease in my writing, however my readership continued to stay consistent from 2012.

2013 StatsIn 2012 I wrote an amazing 103 blog posts but as I stated above my blog posts decreased to only 31, to give a grand total of 178 blog posts since the inception of mrayton.wordpress.com.

The top five blog posts for this year in terms of viewership were the following:

  1. The Cross
  2. Burn the Heretics…More Like Burn the Christians
  3. The Metamorphosis of the Worship Band
  4. True Biblical Repentance
  5. 1 in 10 to the 40,000th Power

My Favorite Blog Post of 2013

5 Reasons to Be Part of a Local Church

This is a blog post that has taken me some time to logically organize my thoughts on while reading through Scripture.  Being an active member of a local church is something that has grossly been avoided by people while misconceptions permeate our evangelical Christian culture.  This is a must read for any professing believer in Christ.

My Favorite Video of 2013

The Calvinist – A Poem by John Piper

Although I am not a big Piper fan (although I respect him greatly for his ministry and faithfulness to God’s Word), Piper gives the best and most powerful video I have ever seen on being a man of God.  A true Christian man relies every day upon the grace of God and gives Him all the glory.  This again is a must watch and something that I watch every few days as this video and poem is my passion in life.

Goals for 2014

My main goal for 2014 is to be an “everyday” blog.  This means I will write articles about every other day to every three days while inserting in “Quick Links” blog posts that are good as well as quotes from great books or people.  I hope to increase both my blog posts as well as readership this year and most importantly spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word throughout.