ed youngPaul Washer (not the so-called pastor above), of Heart Cry Ministries, preached these words:

The great sin of the pastor today is that they have dumbed down the Gospel and have used carnal means to attract people.  If you use carnal means to attract men in, then you’ll attract carnal men.  And you will have to continue to keep using carnal means to keep them in the church.

So what has happened is this, we have these large churches with many unconverted carnal people.  But in those churches we have a small group of people who honestly want Christ.  They honestly want His Words and honestly want to be transformed.  All they need is true worship of the true God and Scripture being preached to them.

Now this is the great sin of the American pastor.  This small group of converted people in the local church, all they want is Jesus.  And all they want to do is the right thing.  They want purity, they want truth, and they want Christ.

But the pastor caters to these unconverted.  SO while he is feeding these carnal men and women with carnal things, he is letting the sheep of God starve to death.  And he is going to stand before God one day in judgment.

If my wife was going out grocery shopping one day and when she was going out to her car some men assailed her and you walked by because you did not want to cause trouble, did not want to get in harms way.  After all that was done, I would look for those men to deal with them, but then I would come looking for you.  Because you had a chance to stand up for my wife, my bride, but out of self-preservation or wrong ideas you did not do anything.

That is the same things that pastors are doing.  It’s the bride of Christ and there are sheep in all these churches and the pastors are letting the bride of Christ starve to death.  And that is wrong and there will be judgment for this.