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True worship in church directs you away from yourself and towards Christ.  It is not for entertainment, it is not for your enjoyment, it is not to make you feel better, it is to inform your mind of who God is and what Christ has done for us.

Today’s churches has moved from worshiping Christ to worshiping the consumer.  It has moved from knowing to feeling.  It has moved from an altar to a stage.  It has moved from proclaiming the power of the truth to rockin’ out to a false and impotent substitute.

I wrote a blog last year titled The Metamorphosis of the Worship Band in which I detailed the pragmatic approach to worship music in today’s modern church.  In this clip below Alistair Begg clearly describes his time at a modern, seeker-sensitive local church and the “worship” music that was performed there.  It is worth a watch.