Quick LinksIn this new category of Quick Links I will post great articles and blog posts that I have read over the past month.  I will expound on my thoughts on these pieces of text but I urge you to read, enjoy, and feel free to comment on these entries.

7 Reason for the Death of Sunday Evening Worship – In this article, Jesse Johnson does some calling around to find out why various evangelical churches in the US have largely abandoned Sunday evening worship.

I do not agree with the pragmatic, seeker-sensitive reasons for eliminating this service but I do see that in our transient society, people often live further away from their home church.  I also do see the reason for increased family time as valid, but only if family time has not been already increased by decreasing the busyness of the week.

I honestly did not grow up going to church on Sunday evening, mostly because Sunday morning was inadvertently seen as the important one and Sunday evening just seemed to be “in the way” of football and what “old” churches did.  I do know people who went to Sunday evening church simply because the church doors were open but had no clue why they were going.

I truly believe unless there is a Biblical and God-glorifying purpose of Sunday evening church, one is almost as in err to purport a Sunday evening service as disposing of one.

Please feel free to comment on why your church has left a Sunday evening worship service and whether you feel it is important or not.

The Return of Sunday Night Worship – In this follow-up, Jesse Johnson displays a letter he wrote to his congregation on why they are returning to Sunday evening church.

This letter explicitly shows the Biblical and God-glorifying reasons of having this service and not just falling back on tradition or “because I said so.”  I absolutely love the final paragraph in which he states:

We are not launching this service to broaden our attendance – though we pray God continues to bless us by drawing new members into our community – but to deepen it. We are encouraging members to attend both services, and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know each other better while growing deeper in the Word of God together.

This demonstrates a heart of doing what is right unto the Lord to deepen the church and the hearts of the people.  It is a breath of fresh air in the midst of our pragmatic, seeker-sensitive, “do whatever it takes” to increase attendance and revenue in our churches.  It shows the clear purpose of the church is to do what deepens its relationship with Christ and with the people within the church.