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Bright_LogoRichard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist who wrote The Blind Watchmaker and considers those who believe in the Christianity to be “dims” and atheists, agnostics, humanists, and skeptics as “brights” once stated:

Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence almost everyone has the same religion as their parents? And it always just happens to be the right religion. Religions run in families. If we’d been brought up in ancient Greece we would all be worshiping Zeus and Apollo. If we had been born Vikings we would be worshiping Wotan and Thor. How does this come about? Through childhood indoctrination.

There are many problems with the “bright’s” observation here including the understated word of “almost” (see the countless number of Christian converts from other families and countries over the last two millennia) and most certainly it could be said that he has hypocritically indoctrinated his worldview and belief system into thousands of people including his own doctoral students and child.

But the largest problem with his statement is that these are red herrings behind the crux of the issue which is that it only matters what is true.  I lived in Pennsylvania for most of my life and I could say that the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the greatest of all the 50 states.  It is the best and trumps all other states in this great country.  Now, you may say, “You’re only saying that because you grew up there!” as Mr. Dawkins states.  And that very well may be why I am saying that Pennsylvania is the best, but in reality it could actually be true that it is the best state.

See, whether I grew up in a Christian household or not is really irregardless of the heart of the issue.  It doesn’t matter where or when or to what parents I grew up with or what I believe.  It matters what is true.

And what is true is the truths found in Christianity.  That God is who He says He is, that we are all fallen and sinful and wretched creatures who have sinned against Him, that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died a substitutionary death on the cross for sins, rose again on the third day, defeated death, and all who repent and put their trust in Him alone for salvation will be saved.

All other religions, including atheism, are man-made works-righteousness religions.  And they all leave the sinner with a debt to be paid for their trespasses against God and ultimately leave him stuck in his pride.

Remember, it does not matter what family you grew up in or matter what you believe, it matters what is true.

Oh, and I’m alright being considered a “dim.”  It’s pretty much what I am in comparison to God.