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On July 9th, Ray Comfort will be releasing another powerful and challenging film (see 180 movie) called Evolution vs. God.

Ray, in his bold style and penetrating questions, goes on campus at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Southern California (USC) and interviews professors and students. He also interviews students at Long Beach State University.

As Ray interviews evolutionary scientists, he asks a question something like this: “Is there scientific evidence—observable evidence—to support evolution?” Well, none of them could provide anything remotely scientific. Oh, they give the usual examples about changes in bacteria, different species of fish (like stickleback fish), and, as to be expected, Darwin’s finches. But as Ray points out over and over again in Evolution vs. God, the bacteria are still bacteria, the fish are still fish, and the finches are still finches!  These changes are in fact just the opposite of man-to-molecules evolution.

And when Ray interviews university students who believe that evolution is fact, you will quickly see they have no idea how to defend evolution. They ultimately place their trust in their professors and textbooks. It is the blind leading the blind.

So enjoy the trailer to Ray’s new film and whether you are a Darwinian evolutionist or a Christian, check it out.

Oh, and I also have never been given one piece of observable evidence to support Darwinian evolution either…