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road to no whereThe process is pretty simple…

First you have a government, a nation, a society, and a culture that rejects the Bible.

The next step is, if you reject the Bible, you have no foundation for morality; so you come up with a new morality, which is to turn the old morality on its head.  So you reverse everything.  Evil is good, and good is evil.  Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion, whatever it is, is acceptable in the new morality.

The third step is you cry for tolerance.  Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance.  But as we know this is a new definition of the word tolerance which is to mean acceptance, affirmation, every belief is equally true, and no one’s belief should ever be offended.

The fourth step is the people who will not give tolerance are not tolerated any more.  So the ones who cried for tolerance in the third step soon turn to become intolerant.

And the fifth and last step is persecution.

That is where we are going and we are going pretty fast.  We have definitely worked through the rejection of the Bible (mostly due to our churches), we are working through the reversal of morality, we are working past tolerance to intolerance, and following the intolerance for those of us who will not cave in comes persecution.

That is going to put pressure on the church and the true church will be faithful to its message no matter the price.

(Thoughts taken from John MacArthur – Marks of Real Church Growth)