Charles SpurgeonDifferent From the World

The church is a separate and distinct thing from the world.  Great attempts have been made of late to make the church receive the world, and wherever it has succeeded it has come to this result, the world has swallowed up the church.  It must be so.  The greater is sure to swamp the less.

They say, “Do not let us draw any hard-and-fast lines.  A great many good people attend our services who may not be quite decided, but still their opinion should be consulted, and their vote should be taken upon the choice of a minister, and there should be entertainment and amusements, in which they can assist.”

The theory seems to be, that is well to have a broad gangway from the church to the world: if this be carried out, the result will be that the nominal church will use that gangway to go over to the world, but it will not be used in the other direction.

I long to see Christian people become more distinct from the world than ever, because I am persuaded that, until they are so, the church will never become such a power for blessing men as her Lord intended her to be.  It is for the world’s good that there should be no compromise  even to a shade.

Are you at one with the rest of mankind?  Could anybody live with you, and never see that any alteration had taken place in you?  Would they think that you were just the same as any other man?  Then, by your fruits ye shall be known.

…may you and I practically prove the sincerity of that desire by growing separateness from the world.