what you win them withThe circus that is the market-driven church is back in town with the latest fad to propel it to be considered a relevant church. The main act of this circus is the dance craze called The Harlem Shake or Gangham Style or whatever will be popular in the world in a few weeks. I mean, with trying to keep ahead of the curve and riding the next wave that will bring in big crowds, who has time to study the Bible, have authentic worship, and go deep in a community of believers.

The modern church has turned into silliness to the point where it makes me sick, literally sick to my stomach. The Harlem Shake is being performed in youth groups, displayed in church in opening videos to make people laugh, and pastors and youth pastors are leading the way. These men who let this go on are not leaders and this is not church.

The result of these antics may bring people in the door and give them a big worldly laugh, but it does not win people to Christ nor does it grow them in holiness which is exactly what the Bible calls the church to do. This consumer-driven ridiculousness results in a downgrading of the gospel, allow people to continue to seek worldly excitement and entertainment, and actually hardens hearts to the gospel. People who could be given the bread of life are instead given cotton candy…people who could be given the living water that never runs dry are instead they are given sugar-water.

Pastor, youth leader, parent…do not stand by and let this silliness continue. Stand firm and preach the Word of God, point your congregation and youth towards the cross of Christ, and no longer conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.