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2012 At the end of each calendar year, I take a 30,000-foot view of what the twelve months looked like according to my blog.  I want to take a look at what I have accomplished in 2012, review my goals that I set back in the previous Year End Review, and put forth some new targets for 2013. Since starting this blog in June 2010, the readership skyrocketed this past year. 2012 statsMy blog has traveled to over 138 different countries in the world with a strong viewership in the United States, India, United Kingdom, Philippines, and Canada.  I wrote 103 blog entries this year which vastly trumps my 37 from 2011, which comes to about 8.5 blog entries per month.  One of my main goals of 2012 was to increase to about two blog entries per week, which I met even despite the fact that it takes me forever to mull over topics as I detailed in my 100th blog entry, The Centennial.

Again my justification for this is that although you will not get a 21st Century news source which updates every 7 seconds, you will get a thoughtful, well-researched, educated response to topics of interest.

2012 countriesTop Blog Entry of 2012

5 Reasons to Preach Expositionally

This entry is not only my favorite one of mine; it took me the most time to write.  This entry has made its way around the blogosphere over the entire world and is probably the best-written piece I have.  This is the culmination of my personal experiences with churches that were “seeker-sensitive” and refused to preach expositionally.  I saw throughout Scripture that God’s one charge to pastors are to “Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2).  This article gave evidence of after-effects of this of churches and pastors that did not know who the head of the church is, pastors that did not submit to the authority of God’s Word, treating the people true problems in your church superficially, riding every evangelical wave that comes along, and an inability to address error of any kind.

Please read this one and pass it one.  It is simply a must read for every pastor, church member, and church.

Coolest Video of the Year

The Handiwork of the Creator

I love time-lapse videos and I truly love Yosemite and Half-dome.  This video combines both in an amazing way that propels Psalm 19.

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1

Most Underrated Blog Entry of the Year

That Pesky Information Problem

The problem with so-called scientists and macro-evolution is there is a huge information problem.  I was hoping a bunch of atheists would come right at me after this blog entry, but to no avail, not one could form a less than ad hominem rebuttal.  Here is a snippet:

And yet that is not the evolutionist’s hidden concern of complication – their big problem comes in the form of that pesky information.

In just one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body, the amount of information in its genes would fill at least 1,000 books that contain 500 pages of typewritten information.  What is the explanation for this origin of information?  No rational person would say that 1,000 books of 500 pages a piece with information vital for human life and processes would just originate out of chance.  That is like saying a bomb hit a book factory and a library full of books was created with all them placed in correct order according to the Dewey Decimal System (do they still use that?).

Most Cleverly Put Together Blog Entry of 2012

Top 10 Ways to Get a Decision for Christ

This sarcastic and yet clever blog entry early in 2012 was to show how utterly un-Biblical the notion of “closing the deal” on getting someone to make a decision for Christ is.  These watered-down and false convert-making approaches are used throughout the United States and I have seen every one of the ten.  You will find this no where in the Bible and it comes possibly from a good motive but in the end is purely manipulative and self-gratifying.

I’ll give you #3 but you’ll have to click to read them all:

#3  Hand out cards and have people check Box A if they made a decision, Box B if they are really, really close to making a decision, Box C if they are really close to making a decision, and Box D if they thinking about making a decision.  Any box kinda counts as some decision.

Top Improvement in 2012

The New Categories

I added many new categories to 2012 which greatly enriched the blog.  From Spurgeon Sunday to WHIBR (What Have I Been Reading) to Infographics to my favorite, Testimony Tuesday.  Although these new categories take a little more time, intention, and effort, I will continue to keep up with these and possibly add some newer categories.


Thank you for all my readers and I pray 2013 will be a God-glorifying year in your life and in this blog.