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Top 10 GraphicHere are the top ten rated articles of Engage for 2012 according to number of page views.

#10Book Review – Amazing Grace – This was by far the best book I read in 2012 and this book review went a little viral by someone associated with Eric Metaxas.  This book clearly shows the amazing work of God’s calling and the Spirit’s work of regeneration that would change not only a man’s life but also a country and the world.


The Courage to Stand – This was a small and somewhat insignificant post buried deep in the month of March but has profound implications for the Christian.  It is a simple quote by Phil Johnson on how all of history shows that real heroes of the faith are those who never follow the flow of compromise.


The Metamorphosis of the Worship Band – When I wrote this article, I knew that it would be the most controversial thing I have ever written and people of all walks in evangelicalism would get deeply offended.  However, this is a careful investigation of the central part to so many churches – the consumer-driven, strobe-lighting, youth group experience rock concert.  What is interesting is that if you take this entertainment part away from most churches, there would be nothing left.  On a side note, I will be writing a part 2 to this article sometime in 2013.

#7Dr. Squintum – This article and the name “Dr. Squintum” brings a smile to my face every time I think of them.  This ridiculing term was attached to George Whitefield by a man named Thorpe of a group called the Hell-Fire Club.  I won’t give any more of the story away, so I urge you to read it.


The Irony of the Bug Zapper – Every year I come up with one great analogy.  The Bug Zapper for the false convert was my one for 2012.  Do not fall into the irony of the bug zapper…follow the truth.

#5Burn the Heretics…More Like Burn the Christians!!! – After posting a video to Facebook on why everyone’s favorite heretic Joel Osteen was dangerous, an atheist friend of mine made a comment ” Burn the Heretics!”  This is a well-researched response to why heretics were not burnt throughout history but Christians were (and still are).


The Art of Man-Fishing – Today’s consumer-driven, seeker-sensitive, pragmatic approach to ministry is a staple in evangelical Christianity today.  In this article I detail a quote from Thomas Boston in the early 1700’s that proclaims the importance of not compromising the preaching of doctrine and truth in favor of human wisdom.

#3The Cross – This Easter blog entry demonstrates the duality of the Cross of Christ.  To one person, foolishness driving them further into self-trust; and to another person, the power of God unto salvation driving them further to trust in the Savior.  I believe that this is the second best blog entry I have ever written.


True Biblical Repentance – Wow, this article was way more controversial than I thought it would be (I should have known Spurgeon would ruffle some feathers).  If you read through the New Testament you will be hard pressed to not come away with the idea that repentance is essential and therefore produced by God in you when He saves you.  It is an element of saving faith that redirects the will away from sin and towards Christ.  In fact, this blog entry was so controversial, I included a True Biblical Repentance – Part 2 to answer some objections.

#15 Reasons to Preach Expositionally – By far my most popular, most viral, and best piece I have ever written.  It was a response to my personal experience viewing seeker-sensitive churches over the past seven years and their utter ignoring of Scripture’s one clear charge to pastors to “Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2).  This is a must read for all churches, pastors, and Christians.  If I had to eliminate all my blog article except for one, this would be the one I would want to stand.


The big takeaway this year is that true Christians are searching for churches and pastors that simply preach the Word.  In 2013, I will continue to write on the topics of importance as it concerns the Gospel, Christianity, and the church.  It surprises me that none of my articles in defense of Christianity and true science against evolution and atheism did not make the top 10, however in retrospect, I believe these entries are so rock-solid that they utterly destroy the worldview that holds up Darwinian evolution and are not easily rebutted.

So in 2013, look out for more articles on the controversial topics in Christianity, true science vs false science, the down-grading of the gospel in our churches, and of course anything cool that catches my eye.