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The most amazing thing happened a little over 2,000 years ago, God Himself was born in humanity to redeem mankind.  He came down to rescue us since we could not go up to Him through our works and merit.  Jesus who is co-equal, co-substantial, and co-eternal with the Father became a man and surrendered only the prerogatives of deity but none of His divine essence   This is called the incarnation and there are implications if this doctrine is not fully true or fully defended.

Fully Man

Jesus had to be fully human or else He could not have died for your sins.  In order for there to be a perfect blood sacrifice which can atone for your sins, one has to be fully human and perfect as well.  There must be a propitiation for sins, a sacrifice by death to turn away God’s wrath.  One has to die in order to be a sacrifice and one has to live in order to die.

The consequence if this doctrine is not true and Jesus is not fully man is that we would be stuck in bondage fearing death.  We would still be under God’s wrath, storing it up on a daily basis only to be poured out on us in Hell.

But Jesus was fully man and He was a satisfying propitiation of God’s wrath against sin.

Fully God

Jesus had to be fully God or else He could not save us from our sins.  The most he could do is help us clean ourselves up a bit on the outside.  Sin is a heart issue, it is  an inward contamination of our entire being.  Only God can recreate you from the inside out and make you born again.  If He was only a man, the best he could do is change your outside, give you moral principles to live by, and give you a few rules to make your life a little better.

However our nature needs to change and we can not change our nature.  We need to be born again, a new creation, and only God can do that.

The Incarnation

So without the truth of Jesus being fully man and fully God we would be left holding the bag to a nature that no human being, including ourselves, could hope to change.  There would be no hope because there is no deed of self-sacrifice, no religious practice, no act of courage, no level of achievement, no demonstration of merit that could raise us one inch towards God.

But Jesus was fully man and fully God, therefore the incarnation was all about grace in that He does ALL the work.  The good news is that He entered our world to die for your sins, to transform you from the inside out and He did it freely as a gift of His grace.

Michael Horton quotes:

There is no passable route from us to God.  We cannot climb the ladder of mysticism, speculation, or merit.  In pride, we try to rise to Heaven but God descends to us in humility and self-sacrificial generosity.  We seek the truth within ourselves or in universal laws of morality but God surprises us, and His name is Jesus.

We prefer to climb up to God through argument, experience, and our activity.  But God has climbed down to us not in meeting us in the high places we are at, but in the lowest places, in a barn, suffering our scorn, fellowshipping with sinners  and hanging on a cross.