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IllumiShare, from Microsoft Research, is a system to allow two people in different geographic areas to interact with various objects.  It goes far beyond Skype in that it creates a physical connection between two parties through cooperative activities like taking notes, creating documents, or solving problems of inquiry.  You are not typing into a Google Docs form or blogging on an instant messenger or just seeing a live-feed video, you are actually interacting with another person.

I will let the video below show the capabilities of this technological invention.

This is an amazing jump in educational technology that can add a new dynamic to the teaching of students remotely and learning through hands-on inquiry.  I just have to convince Microsoft to let me pilot the Illumishare here in Florida with my students.  So if anyone hangs out with Steve Ballmar or Bill Gates, just let them know to phone me, text me, e-mail me, Facebook me, or Illumishare me…