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Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is famous for his astute logical reasoning and superior deduction skills in solving crimes is back again.  And this time it is not Tony Stark playing a crime fighting detective in the late 19th Century…

It is the BBC’s version called Sherlock.  A contemporary Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  And it is hands-down the best show on television.  Here are five simple reasons why you want to jump on Netflix and watch:


The 1887 detective is brought into the present 2012 and he uses all the technology we have (including his brain) to solve the problems and to make Lestrade, Mycroft, and Mrs. Hudson crazy along with Watson.  He uses text messaging, television, microscopes, infrared imaging, and all the current technologies of the day to solve his murders.  Even Dr. Watson has come back from the war in Afghanistan to serve as Sherlock’s side-kick and instead of Watson writing down all of their adventures in a book form he records everything on a blog on the internet.  The show does a genius job at bringing the great things about the detective we all love into the present time through a creative means.

John Watson records his adventures with Sherlock Holmes through a blog


As we all know, Sherlock is a master at deducing grand results from the smallest details.  This is probably what I love best about the character called SH.  His scientific approach filters out all of the unnecessary information and focuses on what will help him solve the crime.  Sherlock knocks this one out of the park by making the show slow down to match the speed of Holmes’ mind and attach visual call-outs that only he thinks.  As an example if Sherlock witnesses that someone is right-handed because there are slight callouses as compared to the left hand, those words will appear on the screen as he zeroes in on the person’s right hand.

The deduction skills of Sherlock Holmes for everyone to see

Best Friends

Along with great actors, this show pits two men together that complement each other perfectly.  Watson’s pragmatic approach and ever-increasing skills in solving crimes combined with Sherlock’s erratic approach to just about everything results in humor, depth, and an overall pristine dynamic.  Everything from John joking Holmes through his blog about not knowing simple things like the earth revolving around the sun to the little chuckle they get from their current situation makes it nice to see two best friends who underneath it all truly care about each other.

Unsolved Mysteries

Another subtle but great thing about this show is the mysteries that Sherlock solves.   He only picks the crimes that go above an 8 on his scale of mundane to exciting so the viewer is constantly trying to figure out the solution before Holmes.  In great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fashion, they always leave out one small but significant clue that solves the great mystery that in the end seems pretty obvious when you know the answer.  It is like a great magician showing his obvious secret to you after giving you chances to guess how he did it.

The Unchanging Story

The greatest thing about The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the smallest details that make the story and the characters great.  It is innovative in the right way in that the show is cerebral, detailed and absolutely captures the essence of the original characters.  From the apartment at 221B Baker Street to Holmes’ inability to “read” Irene Adler to his playing of the violin to his profound knowledge of chemistry (big plus for me there), the series does a proper job with a character that I love to watch.  Overall, the best depiction on television encompassed in a great storyline performed by great actors.  Simply the best.