Here is a powerful analogy by Ray Comfort of true and false conversion.  Something to take to heart among every professing believer.  Every authentic Christian fully understands the sacrifice of the Father for our transgressions and our faith inevitably works out in evidence of good works for the Lord’s glory.

A father and son were once on a camping trip.  After they pitched the tent, the father said, “Son, see that river, it’s full of crocodiles, and if you want to fish, fish off that wharf.”  The kid says, “Ok, I’ll fish off the wharf.”  For three days that kid fished off the wharf.  He got kind of bored and began thinking I’d be safe in a boat and fishing with crocodiles will be kind of exciting.  So in a sense of bravado he grabbed a boat and went to begin fishing among crocodiles.

Now things were fine for a time until a crocodile came alongside the boat, and the tail of the crocodile hit the boat.  The boat overturned, the kid screamed in terror and the father heard him scream.  Without hesitation, the father dove off the end of that wharf into crocodile infested waters, grabbed his beloved son and pulled him to the safety of the shore.  When the son opened his eyes he saw a terrible sight.  A great crocodile got his jaws wrapped around his father’s legs leaving him bleeding shreds.

Now what I am going to say is unthinkable.  But imagine if that son turned to his father who was lying there bleeding to death and said something like this, “You know dad, I really appreciate what you just did for me, but you know I found it kind of excited fishing among crocodiles, so you wouldn’t mind if I got in another boat and go again.  Would you?  Huh?”

If that kid could think such a thing, let alone speak it.  The blind fool doesn’t see the sacrifice the father has just made for him.  And to a professing Christian, if you have any even hidden desire for the sinful excitement of the world, then you have never seen the sacrifice of the Father.  If that son has truly seen what his Father has just done for him, a sense of horror will consume him, at the cost and extreme lengthy expense his Father went to save him, he will walk intent in the very drops of water that still cling to his flesh.