From arrests, imprisonment, torture, and executions in 1st Century Rome to being burned at the stake in the 16th Century to the modern-day persecutions across Muslim and Communistic nations.  Now we have our very own persecution here in the free democratic republic of America’s higher institutions of learning.

Our colleges and universities tout themselves as institutions of tolerance and free speech.  Just as long as you are not an evangelical Christian. 

A recent scientific survey of 1,269 faculty members across 712 different colleges and universities resulted in 53 percent of respondents as having unfavorable feelings towards evangelical Christians.

Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), told The Washington Post that the poll merely reflects “a political and cultural resistance, not a form of religious bias.” In other words, the university faculty members distaste evangelicals not for their faith but the practical outcomes of that faith.  And those moral absolutes they stand for are just not alright with us.

The tolerance train is one of the easiest self-refuting arguments to destroy since they state they are tolerant of everyone’s beliefs just not evangelical Christianity.  It demonstrates an extreme bias against Jesus, to whom they would have to lay down their pride, acknowledge their sin, and repent and trust in Him alone for salvation.  It also screams the truth and upholds all that is stated in the gospel.

As for me an evangelical Christian, a wretched sinner who has been saved by the grace of God, I know I made a great career choice to walk into the field of education.  Bring on the lions…