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I once had a student ask me…

“Mr. Ayton, I know you are a man of science, right?” To which I replied yes.  “And you are a man of God, right?”  To which I also replied yes. 

After a perplexed look and a moment of silent cognitive brain activity he said, “So how does that all work?”

I simply asked him what the definition of science was.  Of course he did not know, which made me exclaim, “I’ve taught you for 3 years and you have had Advanced Placement Chemistry and Physics and yet you still don’t know what science means?!?!”  I explained to him that science means knowledge.  And then I asked him “Who is the author of all knowledge?”  To which he correctly answered God.  So logic goes if God is the author of all knowledge, the Creator of all knowledge, the sustainer of all knowledge, then is it difficult to be a man of both God and science?  Not at all…science is for us to enjoy and study and discover because God has created it amazingly. 

The interesting part is that most scientific atheists and agnostics who openly and frequently mock and name call and label Christians as “dims” do not want to have a healthy conversation on the core of the issue let alone the science attached.  They often do not want to discuss the worldview which taints their interpretation of the historical scientific evidence.  They only tout macro-evolution and millions and millions of years as total fact and mock things like the Creation Museum as a “pseudo” science.

One amazing portion of this debate is when a secular group of scientists uses something inherently Christian in their argument.  Take the recent Smithsonian facility in Washington, D.C.  Very ironic that this institution that is so anti-Biblical and biased in its presentation of the origins of the earth used a Creation Museum dinosaur on a major promotional brochure for its popular IMAX theatre.  The other amazing thing is that an 8-year-old girl recognized the dinosaur and pointed this out.  Answers in Genesis has told the Smithsonian that they will be happy to grant permission for use of the photo if they request it, but I am sure the secular scientists will try to pull the piece as soon as they can.

Keep in mind that the wisdom of God, of the cross, of the Creation, of the Bible is absolute foolishness to the world.  One has to humble themselves and remove their pride and trust in Jesus like an 8-year-old girl to gain the wisdom from God.  And the reason…so that “no man may boast before God.” 

Article:  Young Girl Discovers :  Smithsonian is Using a Creation Museum Dinosaur!