With no fact as a referent, what is normative is purely a matter of preference.” ― Ravi Zacharias  The Real Face of Atheism

The atheist cannot use terms like good or bad because without a standard of reference, we simply have no good or bad.  There is just preference.  In the same respect, there is also no absolute beauty in atheism due to the same reason.  And I am convinced that there is music, combinations of frequencies of longitudinal waves, which is absolutely pleasing to the ear.  I am also convinced that certain pieces of composition are lovely and beautiful regardless of time, culture, age, and person.  Case in point…the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra playing Peer Gynt on a metro train in the middle of the day.  The beautiful sounds of the orchestra softens people’s hearts, rips their earphones off their lobes, creates smiles entranced in peace, and makes a once arduous journey in a cramped little space seem like sitting in a meadow with the sun in their face.

Proof that God exists…the beauty of music.