That is right…this is my 100th blog post.  The Engage Centennial.  Usually when a sitcom like Seinfeld hit their 100th episode they did an hour-long show where they would reminisce about the great moments while doing long segments of clips from old episodes.  If you were like me, you hated those episodes and thought that the actors were making an easy dollar for not putting in any real work to memorize lines that week.

So in honor of my 100th episode, I am going to actually do a real blog post that took actual time and thought in listing my top 5 things I’ve learned through this blog in my 100 entries.

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Through This Blog

1)  Today’s Newspaper is About 1 Year Old

It is hard to keep up with the culture, blogosphere, and the news.  It takes me time to digest it, research it, compile it, organize it, and then come up with a clear position or reaction on a topic in Christianity, science, or education.  But by that time people have already forgotten it.  (I mean I still have a slew of thoughts about the John Piper-Rick Warren interview fiasco back in May of 2011 – not that anyone cares now but I have some strong thoughts on that one.)  I have come to the conclusion that I would get fired in less than 48 hours if I was hired for a daily news source.  But I am a person that you can come to and if you ask my thoughts on a subject, and chances are I have researched it and will give you an educated, thoughtful response.

2) The Follow-Up Problem

If you read someone or some group’s blog where they have a new post every day, you will find that there is one great post every 2-3 weeks with a lot of fluff filled in the middle.  So in one that does not write every day but tries to post substantial or something worthwhile or just really cool about 2-3 times per week, I hit one out of the park once in a while.  I have found that the toughest thing to do after writing that great post (or at least I thought it was great) is to sit down and write the next blog post.  I have come to the conclusion that my follow-up freeze is because of two reasons:  #1 – The last one took all my time, energy, and thoughts to write and edit and #2 – I am trying to live up to that last blog in my mind so much that bloggers-block set in.  I mean Phil Johnson, the king of the Christian blogosphere, is even hanging it up stating that it is pretty hard to come up with good stuff even 2-3 times per week.  The follow-up is tougher than it looks.

3) The Tough-Skinned Rebuttal

Although I have gained a lot of readers in the last year that overwhelmingly agree with my Biblical worldview, many of my readers and responders from the beginning have been those who dissent from my views.  And even today it always amazes me that people do disagree with me.  I know it’s crazy and yes I’m married, but in my little mind of minds I somehow tend to think that others see things the exact way I do.  Back to reality, right…

This blog has really helped me in two areas.  #1 – It has given me courage to post the uncomfortable, unpopular, even unconventional things and have a tough-skinned layer to take a beating when people disagree.  #2 – It has given me the opportunity to take those positions of disagreements and learn how to defend my position in a rebuttal in a kind, loving, but clearly strong way.  I do honestly thank those who dissent and disagree because they at least have the courage to do so and engage in a discussion of evidences…and it gives me the opportunity to practice the fruits of the Spirit in a practical manner.

4) Most Popular Does Not Equal My Favorite

The blog posts that are the most read or most commented on are not actually always my favorite or what I deem to be the most important.  Believe it or not, to get my position written clearly and concisely while providing what I deem to be ample and sufficient evidence is hard work.  And you will find that what you spend the most time thinking about, editing, and wishing tons of people read and commented on is what you are really passionate about.  But contrary to your thoughts, this is what most people will not engage you on.  Not totally sure why…I’m still mulling that one over.  I’ll let you know on the bicentennial.

 5) A Thankful Heart

Finally, thank you for reading and conversing with me in this forum.  We live in a world (and even a Christian community) where tolerance equals acceptance, unity trumps truth, and it is seen as wrong to say “I think you are wrong and this is why” (ironic, eh?).  In the modern evangelical Christian community it is seen as taboo to talk about the deep parts of theology, never talk about true Biblical mandates like evidences of salvation as to not offend anyone, and to simply state that someones theology is as solid as a piece of paper out of a fortune cookie (I’m not naming names on this one) is repulsive.

So I want to say thank you for those who are not like the world and communities above and are willing to participate with me in the deep topics of theology, science, and education – both in agreement and in disagreement.  I hope that over the next 100 posts, I may be able to write meaningful, substantial texts in which you and others may truly Engage…