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At the Shepherd’s Conference this past year at Grace Community Church, Phil Johnson sat down with John MacArthur to do a Q&A session about various topics.  About 45 minutes into the session, Phil stated that he was not even one-tenth of the way through the questions that he brought.  So he decided to do a “Todd Friel” word-association with Pastor MacArthur.  So he started to throw some words out and John was to give some quick responses.

So here is a short transcript of John MacArthur’s Biblical worldview with various topics across Christianity (without the sincere and heartfelt facial expressions which tell even a greater story):

Phil:  Elephant Room

John:  Self-destruction.  It was its own destruction.

Phil:  Robert Schuller

John:  Spiritual tragedy

Phil:  Steven Furtick

John:  Unqualified.

Phil:  Church planting

John:  I’m for it.  What else would we plant?

Phil:  Multi-site church

John:  Wrong.  Hebrews 13:17 “Follow the faith of those who are over you in the Lord.  Those who care for your souls because they have to give an account.”  You tell me how a flat-screen pastor lives an example to back up his message and how he cares for the souls who are sitting out there staring at the screen.  That is a million miles from a model of a pastor.

Phil:  Mark Driscoll’s recent book Real Marriage

John:  Commercialism.  There is such a beautiful dignity to the way that the Scripture speaks of marriage and such a precious veiled way in which even the intimacies of marriage are presented in Scripture that maintains its intimacy and its personal nature and its beauty without painting it in what are commonly deemed pornographic language.  I just think these are things that don’t need to be said, shouldn’t be said, and pandered and prurient part of interest of people and the last thing you would ever would want for the people who gather before you to hear the Word of God was to have their minds filled with your uncouth, unclean speech and the images that go with it.