Yesterday’s Headline in the New York Daily News…

Dinosaur flatulence, belching may have contributed to global warming Earth, killing them off

A research study published in Current Biology by David Wilkinson stated that 570 million tons of methane gas from the dinosaurs and their flatulence and belching, especially from those stinky big dinosaurs like the sauropods, contributed to greenhouse gases which made the hot earth even hotter helping to kill them off.

And so to sum up all the facts, the ” leading scientists” of today know that this happened exactly 200 million years ago, what the weather forecast was at that time, the temperature of the earth then, how much methane gas was produced, and that we had global warming.

Seriously?!?  Leading scientists?  You know I hate to be condescending to our evolutionary scientist friends, but really…flatulence.  We can’t even get the forecast right for this weekend let alone what the forecast was so-called millions of years ago.  Oh, and liberal scientists keep arguing over whether to call it global warming or climate change.  So bottom line, they are going with flatulence over a global flood that is purely depicted in the greatest history book in the world.  Flatulence???  Leading scientists???

Whatever happened to all the other theories about how the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago (another made up, quasi-scientific number)?  So here we go, all the theories of how dinosaurs became extinct:

  • Asteroids killed them (or hemorrhoids if it was the flatulence)
  • An Ice-Age killed them (haven’t you seen the movie)
  • Global-Warming killed them (yes that theory is located right after the ice-age theory)
  • Volcanic eruptions killed them (the “burping” of the earth)
  • Disease killed them (even though they should be “evolving” upward)
  • Competition killed them (there’s old Darwin creepin’ in)
  • Hay fever killed them (hate those spring flowers)
  • Their size killed them (even though the average dinosaur was the size of a sheep)
  • They starved to death (not enough spicy food)
  • Flatulence (obviously too much spicy food)
  • They all evolved into atheists (alright I added that one)

The Bible is clear about how the dinosaurs died.  The primary cause of their death was the sin that was brought about through Adam.  This sin brought about death, disease, and entropy into our world.  The majority of the dinosaurs died during the global Flood sent forth by God.  After the Flood the landscape of the earth had drastically changed which killed off many more as well.

One thing we do know from the dinosaurs is that their death was inevitable as with our own.  And that death is the result of sin.  So we need a Savior that can save us from our sin and God’s just wrath towards our sin.  And even yet we were still sinners, Christ died for us as a substitutionary death on the cross.  Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin…life entered in through Christ’s work on the cross.  And if a man would repent of his sins and put his trust in Christ alone, God is faithful to save him.

And rather than dying like the dinosaurs, you can live for all eternity glorifying the one in whom and by whom we are saved, Jesus Christ.