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I have this complex machine and I want to describe to you how it works.  This amazing machine processes information.  The input of this information is initially processed through a place that we will call Stage 1.

But the information that comes in is also routed to other specific areas other than Stage 1 so it can be processed further. 

  • Some information comes in through a highly complex lens system and is routed specifically to what we will call Stage O.
  • Other information comes in through a microphone or sound input and is routed to what we will call Stage T.

If any of this information is threatening or suspicious there is a highly sensitive security system inside this complex machine that will quickly respond to deal with any emergency.  We call this Stage A.

Now since there are massive amounts of information coming into this machine there is a place called Stage F that holds data in a short-term (5 to 20 seconds) holding place whereby irrelevant or trivial data is filtered and discarded.

If the information is worth a second consideration within the computerized system in this machine, that data is routed to Stage H.  There the information is further processed.  If that information is deemed very important, it will be organized, indexed, and stored for long-term use.

All in all, this processing of information takes place initially at essentially the speed of light and yet some stages and storing can take hours, days, or even weeks.

What is absolutely amazing is that this complex machine is not static but is dynamic in that it is constantly reorganizing itself in a purposeful manner.  It has some fixed and hard-wired processes and yet it has extra RAM space to grow and will reconfigure, reprogram, and reorganize itself to be able to accomplish specific tasks more effectively. 

Overall, this complex machine is sophisticated, integrated, and adaptable.  It is simply amazing.

So Who Made and Designed This Amazing Machine???

This machine was not designed.  It just evolved over time.  To say it again this complex machine just somehow made itself over time.  Oh and it started out as nothing and then there was this blast and some chemicals were somehow created, again with no direction or design.  So there was supposedly chemicals and no hardware but eventually, there just became some hardware.  No one designed it, no one created it, there was not even any information originally.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the information.  All of the hard-wired and fixed information was not designed at all – that just happened too.  Oh and the whole reorganizing itself in a purposeful manner…that purpose just happened as well.  And after all of that, this complex machine eventually became what it is today…amazingly designed with absolutely no designer.

Illogical, Impossible, and Insane

Let’s just say I was describing a super-computer.  Any atheist, agnostic, Christian, anyone would say that the last paragraph I wrote was illogical, impossible, and insane.  They would argue that this computer did not just evolve out of nothing.  Even if there was something there instead of nothing at the beginning – a bunch of computer parts and software – a computer just does not put itself together.  It is designed and therefore it has a designer.  I challenge the atheist to name me one building that has design that does not have a designer.  This complex machine I have been describing is so intricately designed that science is not even on the verge of understanding its capabilities. 

So let us take off the hypothetical glass and put on reality.  I have just described for you the complex machine called the brain.  Man’s brain is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Designed by God as to be created and accountable to Him.

Stage 1 is called the Thalamus, Stage O is called the Optical Lobe, Stage T is called the Temporal Lobe, Stage A is called the Amygdala, Stage F is called the Frontal Lobe, Stage H is called the Hippocampus, and it is all amazingly designed.

That soft, squishy blob between your ears runs your life and is absolutely amazing.  It has complexities, intricacies, and purpose to it.

So if you put your faith in Macro-evolution and do not believe in God, open your optical lobe and use your frontal lobe to process the logical, fool-proof data that you are designed by God and therefore are accountable to your Creator.  Thank Him for making you, check your pride at the door, and bend your knee to Him. 

If you don’t, I am sorry to say…I think you are out of your cerebrum.