Below is a quote from Phil Johnson from Grace to You and Pyromaniacs.  This quote was in the final part of a sermon on Is the Reformation Over? at the Ligonier Conference.  It is a sermon ultimately about the main difference between Protestants and Catholics on the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone which is still at the heart of the Gospel and our continued disagreement.  Including the Protestants view of Scripture alone as the only inspired and authoritative Word of God in opposition with the Catholic view of papal infallibility.  He explains how the Five Solas have been compromised by Evangelical Christianity in a means to embrace Catholics in a ecumenism, yet they remain as hills for us to make clear distinctions, divisions, and hold fast on.  It is a great sermon but his closing statements here are the most challenging and engaging.

Because the Gospel itself is what is at stake and Scripture commands us to stand against error like that and confront it.  And all of church history affirms that real Scriptural heroes are never those who follow the flow of compromise.  They are always men like Paul, who refused to tolerate any deviation from the pure Gospel.  Men like Athanasius who stood against the whole world.  And men like Martin Luther that nailed his challenge to the church door.

May we be men like them and may God give us the courage to stand.