Below is an excerpt from Charles Spurgeon’s message entitled Holding Fast the Faith“.  He is fighting against compromise within the church towards a different gospel, which is no gospel altogether.  He is standing firm against censure by the Baptist Union in favor of preaching the Word, being faithful to God’s Word in season and out of season, enduring hardship, and fulfilling the ministry commissioned by Christ.  Are you willing to “hold fast the faith?”

We must never hide our colours.  There are times when we must dash to the front and court the encounter, when we see that our Captain’s honour demands it.  Let us never be either ashamed or afraid.

Our Lord Jesus deserves that we should yield ourselves as willing sacrifices in defence of His faith.  Ease, reputation, life itself, must go for the name and faith of Jesus.  If in the heat of the battle our good name or our life must be risked to win the victory, then let us say, “In this battle some of us must fall; why should not I?  I will take part and lot with my Master and bear reproach for His sake.” 

Only brave soldiers are worthy of our great Lord.  Those who sneak into the rear, that they may be comfortable, are not worthy of the kingdom…

Brethren, we must be willing to bear ridicule for Christ’s sake, even that peculiarly envenomed ridicule which “the cultured” are so apt to pour upon us.  We must be willing to be thought great fools for Jesus’ sake…For my part, I am willing to be ten thousand fools in one for my dear Lord and Master, and count it to be the highest honour that can be put upon me to be stripped of every honour, and loaded with every censure for the sake of the grand old truth which is written on my very heart…

Before I could quit my faith…I should have to be ground to powder, and every separate atom transformed.