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With 2011 coming to a close, I wanted to take a look at this blog and what I have accomplished this year.  I also wanted to put out some goals for 2012 that will be fruitful for both my readers as well as myself.

I wrote 36 blogs this year (this being the 37th) which comes to an average of 3 per month.  I hope to increase this number by writing once to twice a week on a periodic basis.  Honestly, it takes me so long to mull over topics in the news and digest every angle of it that when I eventually sit down to write about it, it’s not news any more.  Good thing I don’t work for a news source, huh!

So here are the awards for 2011:

Most Read Blog Entry of 2011

1 in 10 to the 40,000th Power

Believe it or not, this blog entry was one of my favorite of 2011 as well.  I have had more feedback and discussion about this piece over any other blog I have ever written…but not by my atheist/agnostic friends.  They have stayed away from the statistical craziness that macro-evolution just sweeps under the rug.  I have plenty more blogs in 2012 to write on this subject that bury macro-evolution in its own contrary logic to evidential science.  I am also planning on speaking on this subject around Marion County, Florida as well in 2012.

If you haven’t read this one…it’s great!  Below is a snippet:

Those are numbers the evolutionist does not want the public to know.  Just to give you some kind of perspective of the information alone in a cell that would have to form by random chance over time to make macro-evolution possible.  One has about 50 trillion cells in the human body.  Each cell has 46 DNA strands.  Each DNA strand is 6 feet long but is wound up in a tiny space.  If unwound and placed next to each other, your DNA would stretch from the Earth to the Moon 5 million round trips. If that DNA information code was typed out into a book, you could fill the Grand Canyon with those books over 40 times.

Coolest Video Blog Entry of 2011

If a ball falls in the forest, does it sound like Bach???

This was a tough one.  I posted some pretty awesome videos and it came down to this one and the Pendulum Waves.  Since this crazy video for a Japanese cell phone had a huge amount of views (and my students loved it), I had to pick it as the winner of the coolest video posted in 2011.

I will continue to post great videos of science and Christianity, but I am going to decrease my number of posts on teaching.  My blogs on my classroom and teaching have been to put it simply…not read with any excitement.  So I am going to stay on the more controversial topics of Christianity, true science vs false science, down-grading of the gospel and the Bible in our churches, and of course anything cool that catches my eye.

My Favorite Blog of 2011

The Absolute Standard

It was extremely difficult to pick my favorite blog entry for 2011 primarily because I put so much thought, research, time, observation, and prayer into each one.  And for almost every topic I have a strong conviction that is based not on myself and my emotions but on the Truth that is exterior to me – The Bible.

And so many times I write something on the controversial side such as That Begs the Question, a topic that would get so many people mad at me and label me as a “divider.”  And honestly as soon as I press “Publish” my stomach overturns.  Then I have to reassure myself that it is alright to disagree with someone, and moreover it is alright to believe that someone is wrong when compared to an exterior standard such as God’s Word.  Our society has inundated each person with an overwhelming pressure that if you think that someone is wrong, you are intolerant.  The ironic thing is that our society says this in an intolerant fashion for those that they disagree with.  It is not wrong to think that someone is wrong, and it is not intolerant if you disagree.  We must be able to have conversations and hold up substantial evidence to prove our points.

And so my favorite blog entry of 2011 is The Absolute Standard.  This was written early in the year and really was the foundational point of all of my blogs.  This piece stemmed from a conversation I had with a great friend of mine who does not believe in God or any absolute standard for that matter.  Although he knows in his heart of hearts that it is wrong to steal, wrong to murder, wrong to lust, wrong to blaspheme – there are underlying desires in this worldview…a desire to not bend his knee to his Creator and a desire to continue in his sin without answering to his Creator.

Many of my blog entries were substantial answers to excellent questions posed by this friend of mine about Christianity and science.  I will continue to answer these questions and address these topics, even if controversial, that come from the encounters I have with others – both Christians and non-Christians.  And I always welcome religious, scientific, or random questions from my readers.

Good-bye to a great year of glorifying God and hello to what hopefully is an even greater year for the same purpose.