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Dangerous…all men want to be considered dangerous, especially by their wives.  Why?  Because we all clearly know that dangerous men are heroes and warriors living a life of risk.  And we believe that if our wife sees that in us, she will desire us more and more.

We recently took the family on a visit up north and we got to spend the day with one of our best friends.  So when my fellow brother in Christ gave us some options of what we could do with our day together, he gave a relaxing option, a dangerous option, and a “leave your wives behind” and do something selfish option.  When I mentioned the dangerous option to my wife with interest, she gave a little giggle as if to say “dangerous…that is not the word I would use to define you.”

When I told my friend of my wife’s response, he said to her:

“Your husband is dangerous…because a dangerous man is one who is brave enough to engage in another person’s life – namely their wife, their children, and others around him.  To stand up and to go to battle for the Body of Christ.”

Now I am not blowing my own horn, but as I’ve had a few weeks to think about that statement and I have found that he is more than right.

  • It is much more dangerous for a man to stand and be a testimony for Biblical truth rather than join the masses in the ebbs and flows of humanistic philosophy and error. Mark 8:34-38
  • It is much more dangerous for a man to love his wife as Christ loved the church rather than commit adultery of the heart through lusts and sinful desires of the mind.  Ephesians 5:3, 25-27
  • It is much more dangerous for a man to teach his children sound doctrine and setting an example by doing what is good rather than letting the world teach them its values.  Titus 2:1, 6-8

To be truly dangerous is to be like Christ.  To submit yourself in obedience to Him and His Word, and take up your cross and follow Him daily.

“God chooses not milksops destitute of backbone, to wear His glory upon their faces.  We have plenty of men made of sugar, nowadays, that melt into the stream of popular opinion; but these shall never ascend into the hill of the Lord, nor stand in His holy place, nor wear the tokens of His glory.”  – Charles H. Spurgeon