Advanced Placement National Conference 2011 – Day 2  (July 23, 2011)

Session Title:  Designing Instruction for AP Chemistry

Session Presenters:  Annis Hapkiewicz and what looked like her bodyguard

Presenters Website:  No website, no contact information, no copy of presentation – absolutely nothing…(oh, and don’t ask for it either)

Session Rating:  D-

Session Thoughts:  From the first minute this was an obtrusive, disrespectful presentation that offered very little benefit – other than the draft copy of the new AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework.

Session Review:  “May I have your attention!!!  I’ll wait…I will.”  These were the first words given to professionals during this session.  I’ll wait…I felt like I was 5 again.  And this was to give out the draft copy of the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework – I should have walked out there…I knew it.

Following that we had to listen to Annis Hapkiewicz, in which the only good thing about her is that I opted not to go to her session the evening before but go to Alcatraz instead).  She stood behind the podium, never engaged her listeners, and then when the first question was asked she said, “Everyone can’t hear your question, so I’m just not going to answer any questions.”  She must be a great teacher – “No question for you!!!”  In the best Soup Nazi voice possible!

After the absolutely no question clause, she ignored hands and gave only one good point of information – students have difficultly transferring  knowledge.  She went though a 20 minute monologue about how to use Photoelectron Spectra graphs to teach electron configuration and ionization energies.  Then she talked for 10 minutes about how to strengthen student mastery through pretty generic points anybody could have come up with that has Google.

The presenter then made everyone there give best practices on post-it notes (waste of time – I traveled 3000 miles for something innovative!!!) and then took a few questions (answered only by her bodyguard while she hid behind the podium).  Each question was asked clearly and concisely but the answer did not meet those parameters at all.  They were all ambiguous and not helpful at all.

At time – 12pm I was outta there for the best part of the presentation – the end which resulted in a hotdog from a vendor on the corner of Market and 4th Street.

Session Big-Point:  “No questions for you!!!”