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Advanced Placement National Conference – Day 1  (July 22, 2011)

Session Title:  The Flipped Classroom – Vodcasting and Mastery Learning for AP Chemistry and Physics

Session Presenters:  Deb Wolf, Barb Newitt, Brad Newitt – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Presenters Website:  http://www.teachers.physicsvodcasts.com/

Session Rating:  A  

Session Thoughts:  Very helpful and innovative, also engaging to both the listeners in the presentation as well as for what it could do to one’s classroom.

Session Review:  Video podasting (or vodcasting) is an innovative concept to classrooms here in America.  These three presenters show how they use it in their classroom, how it has helped their students, and how it has engaged and excited the students while providing more time for review and learning.

These presenters have worked together to create vodcasts that their students can access and download when “they need the teacher the most,” at home while doing homework.  Newitt, Newitt, and Wolf showed how they video record their classroom so students that have missed that day of school or need extra review of classroom instruction are free to use it.  They also showed how to present specific topics or problem using vodcasting so that when students are stumped by a problem they can learn on their own how to do it (when they need the help), rather than ask Mr. Teacher at 7:30am the next morning.

Having a SmartBoard in my classroom will make this easier for me to implement in my classroom (which I plan to do).  I have already developed some video of me and some vital reactions on this blog, but I want to make this an integral part of my students learning and reviewing reactions at home.  Also with topics such as optics or mechanics in Physics, vodcasting specific problems will definitely help my students out.

All I have to buy is a microphone and I am good to go (since I have a SmartBoard already).  This group used an editing software called Camtasia, but they said Smart has already contacted them for tips on what Smart can do in terms of editing.  And since I am SmartBoard certified to train, I think I’ll be making a call shortly.

Session Big-Point:  “Try Something New!!!  Jumping into the deep end can be scary…but worth it!”