On Saturday, July 23rd, I will be speaking at the Advanced Placement National Conference 2011 in San Francisco, CA on the topic of A New Approach to Teaching Chemical Equilibrium.

A few years ago I found my students really struggling to understand and learn the main topic in AP Chemistry – Chemical Equilibrium.  And I was always dreading teaching it as well since I felt that it was 4-5 weeks of teaching that produced very little fruit.

So two summers ago, I ripped apart textbooks and review guides (I literally ripped them apart) and discovered that the current presentation of equilibrium had:

  • Poor sequencing with no common thread between the chapters of equilibrium
  • A disorganized presentation with a dump of information
  • No correlation with either AP Exam questioning or students processing of information
  • An intimidating amount of content to students – and also to teachers

This brought me to design my own curriculum for teaching Chemical Equilibrium by making a more systematic approach, developing relationships between the different parts of equilibrium, and giving students the blueprints to truly understanding and building on knowledge.

That is what I will be presenting in San Francisco on Saturday and my hope is to help at least a few teachers assist their students in succeeding in this area of study.