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Well, it’s been more than a week removed from May 21st and Harold Camping has been proved to be a false prophet once again.  So did you ever wonder why the media gave so much time, money, headlines, and interest in a wolf like Mr. Camping and his poor, misleading theology.

The answer comes in the form of two words…to mock.

False teachers who pose and make claims for Christianity make what Jesus bled and died for so easy to mock.  Facebook, twitter, internet, television all mocked (and rightly so) a man who is so lost and blind to the God of the Bible.  Unbelievers are always looking for a way to mock the gospel and they will take any easy chance to do so.

You never see the media giving a man like John MacArthur that much time.  A stalwart of the faith, Dr. MacArthur has preached the same Jesus, the same gospel for 42 plus years at Grace Community Church.  He has preached verse by verse from the Bible showing God – Man – Christ – Response.  God is the holy, just, and good creator of everything in this Universe.  Man has sinned in transgression against that God whom they are accountable to and are sentenced to judgment from God for those transgressions.  But God in his mercy provided a way for sinners to be saved, He sent Jesus to earth to live a sinless life, to die on a cross to atone for the wrath of God against those transgressions of those that would be saved, and rise again three days later to defeat death.  And our response out of God’s grace is repentance and faith in the one name that saves.  But no media attention is given to a true shepherd of God like Dr. MacArthur.

Why?  They can’t mock John MacArthur.  They can’t mock that gospel, the true gospel…because it is the one that it true, it is the one that is light in the midst of darkness.

And so we are all in store for another wolf in sheep’s clothing.  His name…Rob Bell.  His claim…universalism and the doctrine of Hell is incorrect.  His book…Love Wins.

The media loves this guy and he is absolutely dangerous.  He preaches a different Jesus (Galatians 1:6-9) and he is leading Christians astray with circular reasoning, pseudo-intellectual monologues (pseudo-intellectual glasses and speech patterns included), and preaching without any substance.

I have been warning others against Rob Bell and wolves like him for over five years now and he is again gaining some steam.  Compare everything against our one authority which is the Bible and use God’s Word to discern between the shepherds and the wolves.

Grace To You and John MacArthur has just done an amazing series of articles about Rob Bell.  Check them out – it will be well worth your time.

Also, Francis Chan is also doing a book in response to Love Wins.  I have not read it yet but the promo gives some good warnings to us as believers.  Check it out as well.