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As many of you know, I absolutely hate the “boring” teacher techniques for the first day of school (see my post for Back to School).  Well, this year my hate of the copier room along with hate of being like every other teacher have collided with each other to develop a new, innovative electronic syllabus for my Chemistry Honors class (thanks to Dan Meyer at blog.mrmeyer.com – I ripped the idea from him).   Something that bridges the gap between what the students think is awesome and what information I need to relay to them.

My students will not get my syllabus in a boring, redundant paper fashion but it will be presented to them in a powerpoint presentation (with hyperlink and sweet transitions), look different from any other syllabus (much cooler), and be posted on my website for both parents and students to get any time they want.

It’s broken down real easy into a few sections – quickly reviewed, easily explained, and leaves me open rather than restricted to the 185.5 rules some teacher give their kids (most of which were told when 95% of their students were in a coma already).

  • 3 Crucial Rules – #1 Respect the speaker, #2 Participate, and #3 Be Accountable
  • 5 Daily Belongings – #1 NB for HW and Notes, #2 NB for Labs, #3 Pen/Pencil, #4 Calculator, and #5 Dry-Erase Marker
  • 0 Number of Turned on Phones and/or Ipods During Class
  • My % of Grading Broken Down
  • 1 Mission – To learn how to think.

Now onto our first lab…