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Anyone...Anyone...Was this your Chemistry teacher...Anyone...Anyone

 Seems like every time someone finds out I teach Chemistry they either say one of two responses:  

  1. “Oh, Chemistry, I was awful at that subject.  I just could not understand it.”
  2. “Chemistry was my favorite subject in high school.  Man, I loved it!”

It’s almost 85% for the first response and 15% for the second response.  Why?  As I inquire further, it becomes clearly evident it was because of their Chemistry teacher.   

The first always had a Chemistry teacher that was absolutely boring, they just learned through straight lectures, and if they did any laboratories, they followed a cookbook recipe for success in the lab.  

However those that say the second response always had a crazy, funny, (in my students cases) good-looking teacher that engaged them every day in the learning process.  There was demonstrations that brought a wow and a smile to each student (while losing arm hair for the teacher through flames), laboratories that presented problems to be solved, and learning in the classroom that was rich with content and relevant information.  

The latter makes learning engaging…it makes learning fun…it makes school become an education.